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Things I Find Idiotic: The US Republican Party

Seriously… WTF?

You folks need a new PR department. Or lobotomies all around. Either wya.


You know, the people who advocate for the treatment of women as ‘human’, rather than default to the ‘male norm’ or fall back on the ‘boys will be boiz’ excuse.

Also, ‘EvoPsych’ as currently discussed (i.e. without any actual, you know, evidence) is bullshit.

A few of my personal faves:

Bad Astronomy
ECHIDNE of the snakes
Hoyden About Town
The Hypothetical Bus Stop
Misplaced Grace
More Than Men
Sinfest (*newer comics; the progression over time of the artist’s views has been fascinating to watch)
Teen Skepchick
The Skeptical Teacher
Tree Lobsters (yes, really!)

Alethian Worldview
Almost Diamonds
Ashley Miller
The Atheist Experience
Blag Hag
Blue Collar Atheist
Butterflies and Wheels
Christina Rad
The Crommunist Manifesto
The Digital Cuttlefish
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
En Tequila Es Verdad
Greta Christina
Lousy Canuck
Richard Carrier Blogs
Sincerely, Natalie Reed
Zinnia Jones

ETA: this list will be updated periodically as folks make their stance explicit.

Posted by: ibbica | 15/06/2012

Things I Find Idiotic: Consumer Ignorance

Nah, not ‘ignorant consumers’, that’s just unfortunate.

All the variants of ‘deniers’ fall into this category too. You’re not necessarily ‘idiotic’ yourself, but yeah, your ‘beliefs’ and ‘feelings’ and, what’s it called? oh yeah, ‘lack of evidence’, are keeping you blind to reality.

Buyer of advertised goods, believer of pseudoscience, reader of shitty scientific publications:


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Things I Find Idiotic: Patriarchal misogynists

Really? I mean: Really?!?!? WTF is WRONG with you people?

Normally I’d try to all out ‘misogyny’ as idiotic, rather than ‘misogynists’, but… no. If you’re supporting the patirarchy or if you’re denying the existence of the patriarchy, you’re idiotic. Yes, YOU.

Accept it.

Get over it.


I was going to say “you know who you are”, but you actually don’t. You’re so immersed in your own privilege that you don’t realize that you ARE the problem.

If you want to be a part of a community, treat the other community members like human beings. All of them. Ask, listen, think.

Or demand, ignore, and continue in your willful ignorance. And lose community members or be rejected from the community yourself.

You’re free to make that choice. And others are entirely free to remind you of your privilege, call you out on your bad behaviour, and yes, even outright reject you from their community. Your actions are not without consequence. Act wisely.

You’re supposed to be institutions of higher learning! Sort it out!

Protip 1: Allow visitors to navigate ALL regions of your site using the ‘back’ and ‘forward’ browser buttons.

Protip 2: If you simply can’t tear yourself away from scripts and those Idiotic ‘like’ buttons for every social networking site in existence: provide a script-free option for your site.

Protip 3: If you have information that’s ONLY available in a downloadable .doc or .pdf file, and not on your site, you’re Doing It Wrong.

Posted by: ibbica | 12/03/2012

Things I find idiotic: “Activists”

I’m not talking about legitimate activists here, who act to change society for the better. If you’re self-identifying as an activist because you believe women to be treated like human beings, because you believe inflicting pain on other creatures for sport is wrong, because you believe that facts should guide our actions rather than traditions… more power to you.

No, what I find idiotic and oftentimes outright vile are the actions of those quote-unquote “Activists” who do nothing useful but instead use their time and efforts to disrupt, harrass, denigrade, threaten, and physically attack others.

If you self-identify as an “activist” or are a member of an group that self-identifies as “activist”, do yourself a favour: take a step back and actually think about the cause you’re arguing for and take a good hard look at the methods you, your group, and groups you support are using. Who are your actions benefitting? Howso? Who are your actions harming? Howso? Is there any difference in the magnitude of the benefit and harm you’re doing? In which direction?

What exactly is your end goal? How are you proposing we get there? What steps would need to be taken to get to that endpoint? List all the reasons why your desired outcome would be preferably to the current status quo. Then honestly* list the things you would lose by changing the status quo to your desired outcome.

Hint: if your Preferred Method for affecting social change involves anything from threatening physical violence to killing another human being… You’re Doing It Really, Really Wrong.

*Yes, this will probably be incredibly difficult. If you find yourself coming up short, ask one of your “opponents” to make this list for you, and read it thoroughly.

Amazing Tree Lobsters return from “extinction” O.O

Hilarious Tree Lobsters educate, trash-talk, and help tune your sarcasm detector XD

Posted by: ibbica | 05/03/2012

Things I find amazing: Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Their kickstarter page, for explanation and updates…

Extraordinarily helpful app for those of us who need a little extra motivation to walk, run, bike, swim… It’s narrated as though you’re running, but IMO would translate fairly easily to just about any exercise routine. For access to all the features (Zombie chases!), you’ll need to use an iPhone, but it’s well worth it even if you just have an iPod touch, for the story and motivation (developers say an Android version is coming soon, too!).

I play Zombies, Run! on my 4th gen iPod Touch mainly while hiking or biking; it seems there are a couple kinks to work out from the “Advance” version (accelerometer doesn’t seem to be integrated smoothly?), but the main function for which I backed the app – to motivate me to exercise – is definitely well served. If you’re a fan of zombie stories, and want to be a fan of regular exercise, go buy it from theiTunes app store!

Posted by: ibbica | 02/03/2012

Things I find hilarious: SATW

Humon’s comic site Scandanavia And The World

Adorable, hilarious, sometimes topical and sometimes historic play on national stereotypes of, well, Scandanavia and the world.

Realized it’s where I turn for a smile after posting an ‘idiotic’ post… and so was well worth sharing!

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