Posted by: ibbica | 05/03/2012

Things I find amazing: Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Their kickstarter page, for explanation and updates…

Extraordinarily helpful app for those of us who need a little extra motivation to walk, run, bike, swim… It’s narrated as though you’re running, but IMO would translate fairly easily to just about any exercise routine. For access to all the features (Zombie chases!), you’ll need to use an iPhone, but it’s well worth it even if you just have an iPod touch, for the story and motivation (developers say an Android version is coming soon, too!).

I play Zombies, Run! on my 4th gen iPod Touch mainly while hiking or biking; it seems there are a couple kinks to work out from the “Advance” version (accelerometer doesn’t seem to be integrated smoothly?), but the main function for which I backed the app – to motivate me to exercise – is definitely well served. If you’re a fan of zombie stories, and want to be a fan of regular exercise, go buy it from theiTunes app store!