Posted by: ibbica | 12/03/2012

Things I find idiotic: “Activists”

I’m not talking about legitimate activists here, who act to change society for the better. If you’re self-identifying as an activist because you believe women to be treated like human beings, because you believe inflicting pain on other creatures for sport is wrong, because you believe that facts should guide our actions rather than traditions… more power to you.

No, what I find idiotic and oftentimes outright vile are the actions of those quote-unquote “Activists” who do nothing useful but instead use their time and efforts to disrupt, harrass, denigrade, threaten, and physically attack others.

If you self-identify as an “activist” or are a member of an group that self-identifies as “activist”, do yourself a favour: take a step back and actually think about the cause you’re arguing for and take a good hard look at the methods you, your group, and groups you support are using. Who are your actions benefitting? Howso? Who are your actions harming? Howso? Is there any difference in the magnitude of the benefit and harm you’re doing? In which direction?

What exactly is your end goal? How are you proposing we get there? What steps would need to be taken to get to that endpoint? List all the reasons why your desired outcome would be preferably to the current status quo. Then honestly* list the things you would lose by changing the status quo to your desired outcome.

Hint: if your Preferred Method for affecting social change involves anything from threatening physical violence to killing another human being… You’re Doing It Really, Really Wrong.

*Yes, this will probably be incredibly difficult. If you find yourself coming up short, ask one of your “opponents” to make this list for you, and read it thoroughly.