Posted by: ibbica | 15/06/2012

Things I Find Amazing: Feminist Bloggers and Feminist Allies

You know, the people who advocate for the treatment of women as ‘human’, rather than default to the ‘male norm’ or fall back on the ‘boys will be boiz’ excuse.

Also, ‘EvoPsych’ as currently discussed (i.e. without any actual, you know, evidence) is bullshit.

A few of my personal faves:

Bad Astronomy
ECHIDNE of the snakes
Hoyden About Town
The Hypothetical Bus Stop
Misplaced Grace
More Than Men
Sinfest (*newer comics; the progression over time of the artist’s views has been fascinating to watch)
Teen Skepchick
The Skeptical Teacher
Tree Lobsters (yes, really!)

Alethian Worldview
Almost Diamonds
Ashley Miller
The Atheist Experience
Blag Hag
Blue Collar Atheist
Butterflies and Wheels
Christina Rad
The Crommunist Manifesto
The Digital Cuttlefish
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
En Tequila Es Verdad
Greta Christina
Lousy Canuck
Richard Carrier Blogs
Sincerely, Natalie Reed
Zinnia Jones

ETA: this list will be updated periodically as folks make their stance explicit.